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Edukeys Services Private Limited a.k.a Skill Safari is a training and skill development company that is started with a paramount vision to contribute training and development in the market of skilling up and re-skilling. Skill Safari partners with top-class companies and SMEs to create niche training and programs to deliver world-class training. Skill Safari offers easy to understand online, offline courses, workshops for students and working-class people. If you are interested in a technology career to work on without going to college, we can help you skill up and land a job.

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Company Vision

To build a large gig economy by providing world-class training to technology aspirants and build a learn and earn community with Skill Safari

Company Mission

  • To provide a quality learning experience for our clients through world-class technology.

  • To innovate learning content every now and then with the learning and development team.

  • To bridge the skill gap between academia and industries by partnering with them and working with a consensus.To build a Learn and Earn community of students.