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Full Stack Developer Course

This course cover all the three layers to develop a web application.
Front End Layer | Logic Layer | Database Layer

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+400 Hours

Daily 2 to 3 hours.

Upcoming Batch

1st July 2020

Enrollment date subjected to change based on registration.

Mode of Training

Live Webinar

All the modules will be live classes.

Number of Modules

20 Technology

Be an expert in 20 latest technologies.

Introduction to Full Stack Development Course

A Full Stack Developer is someone who knows to develop the Front End layer, Logic Layer and Database Layer. All these layers are required to build a web application. In this course, you will learn all the important technologies and frameworks of all the layers that are required to become a Full stack Developer. As a value addition, this course will also cover the basics of web designing and optimization. You will also learn concepts on Version Control Systems(VCS) and Application Program Interface(API).


  • Laptop or desktop computer
  • Good Internet Connection
  • Basic coding skill is an advantage
  • Ability to spend 1 hour everyday

Why Skill Safari is Awesome

We at Skill Safari, will never comprimise with the quality of training.
In order to make the learning experience highly effective, we follow follow standards and guidelines. This course is scientifically designed to make the learning experience hignly productive.

Live webinar based casses.

Live Class

All the topics and modules in the course will be covered in a live webinar model.

Get access to all the recorded classes

Course Library

The learnier will be given access to the recorded backup all the sessions in this course.

Interesting Projects and Assignments will be given for better learning

Projects & Assignment

Industry standard projects and assessments will be assigned.

All the classes will be handled by Subject matter experts.

Subject Matter Experts

The sessions will be handled by industry experts and qualified trainers.

Each student will be guided and mentored by trained professionals

Mentorship Support

Each learner will be assigned to a mentor. The mentor will be the go to person in case of doubts.

Work with experts from the Industry

Industry Exposure

The learner will be given oppertunity to interact with industry and work on their projects.

Course Syllabus

This course is scientifically designed and broken down into multiple modules to improve the learning experience.


Hours of Class


Full Length Projects


Languages and Frameworks



Phase 1: Foundation and Basics

The chapter will cover all the foundation modules to masker all the three layers.

Modules covered: Basic Analytical skills, Flow Chart Development, C Programming, C++ Programming.


Hours of Class




Languages / Framework

Phase 2: Front End Layer

This is the First layer of a full stack. You will learn how to build the client facing side of a website / application.

Modules Covered:HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, JavaScript and AngularJS


Hours of Class




Languages / Framework

Phase 3: Back End or Logic Layer

This is perhaps the most important layer in a Full Stack. Learn how to build the back end logics that runs the application.

Modules covered: PHP, Python, JAVA, Spring and Hibernate


Hours of Class




Languages / Framework

Phase 4: Database Layer

In this layer, you will learn how to connect the front end layer and the back end logic layer using Database Layer.

Modules Covered: MySQL, MongoDB and AWS Architecture.


Hours of Class




Languages / Framework

Phase 5: Version control and API

This chapter covers concepts on version control system and Application Program Interface.

Modules Covered: Git


Hours of Class




Tools / Technologies

Phase 6: Optimization and Alalytics

After becoming a Full Stack Developer, it is an added advantage to know how to optimize the website / application.

Modules Civered: Analytics Tool, Marketing Tools, SEO Tools


Hours of Class




Tools / Technologies

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Career Guidance

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Build an awesome portfolio that will impress any HR.

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Opportunities to work on Freelance projects.


Get a valuable course completion certificate.


Platform to network and build awesome products.

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