22 April, 2021

Fundamentals of Data Science

Data Science is a comprehensive domain which includes various technologies such as Python Programming, Machine learning, Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Image Processing and so on. Making the computers think and forecast the future business opportunities, is the prime motive of applying data science. Numerous platforms use data science to predict the user behaviors and alter the interfaces according to the likes and dislikes of customers. Netflix, Facebook, Self driving cars, robotics, are some of the notable applications which use data science.

The Data Science Binge will be expecting the following deliverable from participants.

Day 1: Python Basic Exercises - Upto Control Structures on our platform

Day 2: Understand the functionalities of NumPy

Day 3: Understand the importance of cleaning data, functions and work on a real-time dataset

Day 4: Perform Data Visualization with MatpotLib, with data from a real-time dataset

Day 5: Build models with Decision Trees, Random Forests and XGBoost to perform quality prediction results over a real-time dataset.

Event Details

Date: 22.4.2021

Time: 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

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