Skill Safari Alchemyst Scholarship Test

Why Industries suddenly require Full Stack Developers?

Software industries initially were committed to recruiting/developing specialized personnel like front-end developers, back-end developers, database engineers, testers, etc. who work on specific parts of the software development life cycle(SDLC). Now with the emergence of new technology and various frameworks, libraries and tools have equipped software development and web development has given an opportunity for an individual to handle end-to-end development of software application in addition to testing and deploying.

NASSCOM predicts the Indian IT/ITeS Industry to increase to USD 350 BN by 2025 which results in an addition of Job opportunities of around 2.5-3 million jobs!

Also, as per the World Economic Forum, software developers and web developers are the fourth largest in demand as emerging job roles. This clearly shows the evergreen nature of software development jobs.

ALCHEMYST Full Stack Program

The kind of skills required for Full Stack Development is niche. This can be inculcated with good quality training and mentored practice. However, these programs are mostly expensive as quality comes with a cost.

Get access to this program and start your learning career with assured placements i.e. you can learn and earn, at a price you slashed multi-folded times whereas generally, you would end up paying for a high price for such programs.

We conduct an online assessment where students skills are tested and based on their performance in the assessment, we offer upto 80% scholarship for our Alchemyst Program.

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Skill Safari Alchemyst Scholarship Test (SAST)

SAST tests general aptitude, general vocational aptitude, professional intelligence and professional aptitude are tested with our Differential Aptitude Test (DAT).

  • Numerical/Mathematical Ability
  • Verbal Ability
  • Analytical Reasoning
  • Computational Reasoning
  • Space Relations
  • Perceptual Speed and Accuracy

Pattern and Time limit of the test

  • Number of sections - 5 sections(internally sorted)
  • Multiple-choice questions- 50 questions
  • Total marks – 100%
  • Computational Reasoning
  • Duration of the test - 40 Minutes
  • No Negative Marking

Numerical / Mathematical ability

Mathematical ability tests one’s application of non-invasive brain functionality and simulation. Logical thinking and derivation will test a person’s mental alertness. One with high skills in Mathematical ability will enhance further training outcomes.

Verbal Ability

Verbal skills are important in the corporate world. Verbal skills give you abilities such as to ask questions, to probe, paraphrase, redirect questions and comments, encouraged convergent and divergent views and bridging. This session is to check general communication skills, especially writing skills. Generic grammar, sentence formation and correction, articles and preposition knowledge.

Analytical Reasoning

Analytical skill is important to construct or deconstruct information into smaller categories in order to draw conclusions. Analytical skill consists of categories that include logical reasoning, critical thinking, etc.

Computational Thinking

Thinking in terms of computer scientists. CT involves patterns, logics, automation, assessment and generalisation. This skill is essential for problem-solving across various disciplines while developing computer applications.

Space relations

Space relations is required in designing and tech professions where they plan UI/UX, drawings are commonly used. This is a niche skill where one would think in different spatial dimensions while designing any product.

Perpetual Speed and Accuracy

Perceptual Speed & Accuracy is a critical skill in technology whereas having high quotient in this skill reduces the coding errors and bugs. Where one can easily read, compare a set of information and conclude simple decisions.

Why Skill Safari Alchemyst Test?

We recommend this test with 2 big objectives, if these objectives will not convince you to take this test, nothing will.

Objective #1

With our Alchemyst Test in place, Skill Safari endorses to avail scholarships upto 80% on our Alchemyst Programs. Skill Safari wants to deliver these programs to the most deserving and skillful candidates who are highly capable but not able to afford the cost. Thus we introduce Skill Safari’s Scholarship program. Now, you can get these high-quality programs with assured placements at an affordable cost.

Objective #2

If you cannot afford now, earn the opportunity to pay us later when you get placed. Yes, you read it right, you can pay us in installments after your placement via. Our Income Sharing Agreement(ISA) program depending on your test results. However, If you don’t want to pay later after getting a job. You can earn a scholarship on the quoted fee and take up the program with assured placements at an equitable investment.