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Skill Safari is an Elearning platform focusing on providing Skill Enhancement Training modules.
Understanding the latest technology and industry requirements, Skill Safari focuses on developing learning modules to help the placement preparation and Skill Building for students.

About Skill Safari. Skill Safari is an Elearning platform focusing on providing Skill Enhancement Training modules.

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The online courses offered by Skill Safari are each designed to be a stand-alone course.
Subscribe to some of the best online courses with certification. Learn courses in the area of Advanced Programming, Data Science, Full Stack Development, web designing, and many more.


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Frontend Developer course. Learn HYML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap etc.

Front End Developer Course

Learn how to build a responsive website by mastering the latest technologies. learn technologies like HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap and javascript. This course will enable you to independently design and develop the client-facing side of a website.

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User Interface and User Experience Designing using Adobe XD. Designing, Wireframing, Prototyping etc.

UI / UX Designing Course

User Interface and User Experience designing are considered to be one of the highest demanded skill sets in the IT industry. Master the art of designing attractive and modern websites and mobile applications using the latest tools.

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Search Engine Optimization. Learn SEO techniques like On-page SEO, Off-page SEO, Keyword analysis, Google Analytics etc.

Search Engine Optimization

This course will help you understand how a search engine works. This course will also teach you how to optimize a website using state of the art tools and techniques. This course includes sessions on various analytics tools.

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Learn Digital Media Maketing. Facebook Marketing, Instagram Marketing, Youtube Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Linkedin Marketing, Twitter Marketing etc.

Digital Marketing Course

As the technology landscape is changing at a tremendous rate, a Digital Marketing Expert is a must for almost all the companies out there. This course covers concepts on Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Digital Advertisements, and many more.

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Become a full Stack developer by learning all the three stacks. HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Angular, JavaScript, PHP, Python, JAVA, Spring Framework, Hibernate Framework, MySQL, MongoDB, AWS GIT etc.

Full Stack Developer Course

Learn all the three stacks required to build a web application. In this course you will learn how to build an entire web application using languages and frameworks required for Front End, Back End and Database Layer.

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Learn Backend development. PHP, Python, JAVA, Spring Framework and Hibernate Framework

Back End Developer Course

Back End logics are the working engine of any application. Learn how to develop complex algorithms using the latest languages and frameworks like Python, PHP, Spring, Hibernate. Work on interesting projects along with the course.

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Continuous feedback helps is evolve as a better company in improving our training methodology.
We are so proud of all the individuals who chose to learn from Skill Safari. Below mentioned are some of our track records to date and we are continuously working towards improving them.

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